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Welcome to
                This 'One and Only'
      World Exclusive Web Address
                      will soon be
                 via Public Auction

                  This Event Will Be
"The Ultimate "Put Up or Shut Up"
             Contest in World History
               Why Take Ownership?

1. This is the 'Ultimate Crown Jewel' of Modern Times and
There Can Only Be One!!!!

2. Similarly, TO BE BORN into existence you had to be "The Baddest Dude" among ALL other sperm cells and be the first to reach your mother's egg and in this case, YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE and there are no second or third place prizes!! 

3. Survival of the fittest is not only intrinsic to everyone but it's powerful evolutionary nature is the reason why "TheBaddestDude.com" will always go up in value in the same way that there will always be a new champion.

4. Every neighborhood produces someone who thinks they are "The Baddest Dude" at something whether it be at fighting, running, singing, dancing, love-making etc.

5. This comes with the option to transform into enormous merchandising potential such as ball caps, jackets, trophies and a variety of competitions that benefit charities held at this site on Local, State, National and International levels.

6. This time "The Baddest Dude" is not the guy with the biggest mouth but the guy or girl with the highest bid which now finally separates the Men from the Boys or who knows?  It could end up with 'The Mack Momma' so be careful for thy butt may get spanked.

7. This is Extremely Priceless Internet Real Estate
- PLEASE NOTE - Whether it be Cyberspace (Internet) or Physical Space (Residence) they BOTH REQUIRE an address in order to exist and its location or what the address says IS A HUGE FACTOR in determining its worth)  Have you ever seen how much is paid for crap called "art" at Sotheby auctions? 

                        Look at how much other Web Addresses have sold for.
Soon, the World will Finally Know Who Really is
                   "The Baddest Dude"
And because ALL proceeds go to charity
                                             it doesn't get any BADDER than that!

       Auction Date(s) Will Be Annnounced Here Soon
                              If you have any questions

Please make sure you put
"The Baddest Dude" in Subject Line
After years of refusing offers to sell the long sought-after Web domain, TheBaddestDude.com  It will now be auctioned off

The owner says now is a perfect time and sources have confirmed that one of the largest and most expensive branding campaigns has begun. Umbrellaed with everything from Major movies, TV series, Designer clothes, Book series, Documentaries, and Restaurants. with partnerships, everywhere from Hollywood to Dubai

President Trump is said to be seriously considering bidding on the site. Not only is it an excellent Investment, but just think "I will be remembered for generations as the toughest (baddestdude) and greatest president."
The Link to the Live Auction Will Be Right Here

Escrow.com will manage Transfer of Ownership

Seller will pay escrow fees

Buyer must deposit funds in escrow within 72 hours or forfeit to the next highest bidder.

Sale is for the Web Address Only - TheBaddestDude.com
There are no trademarks, hosting, copyrights or logos included - Buyer/New Owner is free to do whatever.