Private Phone Consultation

What Do I Get With A Phone Consultation?

  • Everything is Done For You
  • You’ll get immediate clarity of what’s going on with you and with those whom you interact
  • You’ll have Expert Oversight Protection on what you’re trying to accomplish
  • You’ll know your directional options for better control of your destiny
  • You’ll know Who to avoid, when and why
  • Important upcoming dates will be provided so you’re able to plan better
  • Know if someone you meet is worth your time or not
  • You’ll maintain a Superior Illuminated Advantage over your situation or circumstance
  • Accountability and support for your goals
  • you’ll know What to expect and When to expect it
  •  Mistake Prevention by “Always Look Before You Leap”
  • You’ll know what you look like from anybody else’s point of view right now and/or in the future (Their date of Birth is required)
  • You will get Truthful and Reliable answers to your most important questions concerning Love, Dating, Relationships, Family, Education, Planning, Legal, Money, Business, Priority, Career, Residence or Health issues
           Reverend Thabiti 
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