Phone Consult About

What Do I Get With A Phone Consultation?

  • Immediate Superior Illuminated Advantage over your current situation
  • Understanding of what’s going on with you and with those whom you interact
  • Identify your directional options for better informed choices
  • See which way your choices are taking you
  • Who to avoid, when and why
  • Important upcoming dates so you’re able to plan better
  • Know if someone you meet is worth your time or not
  • Grants you a Superior Illuminated Advantage over your current situation
  • Accountability and support for your goals
  • What to expect and When to expect it
  • How to protect yourself by “Always Look Before You Leap.”
  • Show you what you look like from anybody’s point of view now and in the futur (Their Birthdate is required)
  • Truthful and reliable answers to your most important questions concerning Love, Dating, Relationships, Family, Education, Planning, Legal, Money, Business, Priority, Career, Residence or Health issues
  • A uniquely better way to enjoy your life and a powerful revolutionary way to protect yourself while gaining stronger control of your destiny.

Reclaim Your Lost Birthright

The real name of the game is not Poker and Black Jack but to succeed in all 4 Suits of Life which means to succeed.
Emotionally  Hearts
Mentally ♣ Clubs
Financially  Diamonds
Spiritually ♠ Spades
The Most Important Truth of All is “Know Thyself