Each Time-Map has its own

5-Digit Access Code
(e.g. 12345)

(Simply save it in your phone to have it with you at all times)
All Time-Maps cover a FULL YEAR from Birthday to Birthday for ANY AGE you choose
All Access Codes NEVER EXPIRE

and has 24/7 UNLIMITED USE forever

Here are the 2 Easy Instructions for using a Time-Map
1. How to Locate or Identify Anyone
Just enter the birthday (Month / Day) of any person you wish to locate in the box located in the upper right corner of your computer screen and then click 'GO' - the computer will then use little hands pointing to where they are located on the Time-Map.
2. Which Definition to Read (after you locate them)
Move the pointer on your mouse over to the area where the person is located and the definition will automatically pop up telling you what it means.
Clicking the flashing button means you accept the terms of the legal disclaimer below
LEGAL DISCLAIMER - All Time-Map users understand and agree that you are using this new system at your own risk. It is believed by the producers and thousands of satisfied people that the information the Time-Map provides is helpful, reliable, truthful and accurate. Since anything is possible (such as a mistaken date of birth or mistaken identity of someone located on any Time-Map, power failure, internet service malfunction, misinterpretation or so called "Acts of God" etc.) you assume all responsibility for using your Time-Map and hold harmless in every way, ThePower.org, ThePower.com, and all persons associated with providing the Time-Map System.

All Time-Map users also understand and agree that there are no promises or guarantees saying or implying that your Personal Time-Map will remedy all problems or every circumstance in any person's life. What we do guarantee is that your Personal Time-Map will provide you with better truthfulness and more reliable accuracy on pertinent issues or matters of your life in a way that cannot be surpassed by any pychic, astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist or fortune teller anywhere else in the world.
Prices subject to change without notice. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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These same intructions are also shown in 2 short videos
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The Time-Map System is a simple interactive Birth Chart that surpasses the abilities of ALL Psychics and Astrologers.

You can access your Time-Map here any time using your access code.

A Time-Map is easier to understand than any astrological chart.  It is more reliable than any Psychic. 

Your Time-Map removes the darkness obstructing your way to success.

Your Time-Map gives you back The Power that remains your birthright.