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           About 'The Rev'

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at ThePower.com and Exec. Dir. at ThePower.org and is best known as the inventor of the Personal Time-Map System which surpasses ALL psychics and astrologers in truthfulness and accuracy.

He writes the syndicated Empowerment Column in the Las Vegas Informer newspaper and he writes the Mars vs Venus section of Las Vegas Woman magazine.

He is author of the book 'The Secret Wisdom of the Ages' and the book entitled 'All About You.' 

Rev. Thabiti is internationally known as
the world's most accurate personal forecast expert and is the world's foremost authority on the ancient science and scriptural teachings of the standard deck of 52 Playing Cards. 

He also owns 52PlayingCards.com

Rev. Thabiti says that the real name of the game is not Poker and Black Jack but to succeed in all 4 Suits of Life which means...
Hearts    Mentally Clubs

Diamonds    Spiritually Spades
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You will get an Immediate Superior Illuminated Advantage over your current situation.

I help you understand what's going on with you and with those whom you interact.

I let you know what your directional options are so you can make better decisions.

I keep you on track with the people and things that support what you seek to accomplish.

I also let you know Who to avoid, when and why.

I provide you with important upcoming dates so you're able to plan better.

I can let you know if someone you meet is worth your time or not.

I let you know What to expect and When to expect it.

I help you to better protect yourself by "Always Look Before You Leap."

I'm the only one who can show you what you look like from anybody else's point of view right now or what you will look like to them in the future. (Their Birthdate is required)

You will get truthful and reliable answers to your most important questions concerning Love, Dating, Relationships, Family, Education, Planning, Legal, Money, Business, Priority, Career, Residence or Health issues.

Simply stated, this is a uniquely better way to enjoy your life and a powerful revolutionary way to protect yourself while gaining stronger control of your destiny.


My prices are VERY LOW right now to give as many people who need this a fair access. 

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Your Life is today and will continue to be the result of -
                                             the choices you make or direction you take.

'Planning is Vital to Success' but you cannot plan without foresight. 

Whatever your reason for using headlights on a dark road -
                                        is the same reason to pay close attention now.