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The Time-Map System is a proven ancient science
that surpasses the abilities of ALL Psychics and Astrologers.
Your Time-Map is a FUN TO USE Interactive Birth Chart that provides you with instant illuminated empowerment.
To Start Using Your Personal Time-Map
or to see what one looks like
Welcome to
Your Personal Time-Map
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EACH TIME-MAP COVERS A FULL YEAR - (from Birthday to Birthday)
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Hire a Lawyer
Pursue Romance / Go on a Date
Make a Big Investment
Sign a Partnership Contract
Make any Major Decision

without using
If you want a Powerful Advantage in knowing what's in front of you or if you need Reliable Answers to your most important questions or Clear Directional Guidance through your situation - YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE
Understanding what to do today is much easier
once you know what's ahead

Whatever your reason for needing to know what the  weather will be or
Whatever your reason why you use headlights when driving down a dark road

is the same exact reason why you need to start using your Time-Map right now!