Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone is not located on my Time-Map?

This simply means there is nothing to tell you regarding that person.  It is normal if you don't see yourself or your spouse on your Time-Map.  Whenever you don't see someone you spend the most time with simply means - relationship, marriage or business as usual or that nothing will change that is pertinent enough to be on the Time-Map at this time.

What if I don't see someone I just met?

If you don't see someone new or whom you just met then this means there is nothing to tell you. Therefore there is no need to waste your time or money trying to make something happen with this person that isn't there to happen on your Time-Map.

MOST IMPORTANT - To have the greatest advantage and to also be on the safe side it is highly recommended that you always look at the other person's Time-Map before concluding any major decision and locate yourself to see your influence in their life.

What does it mean if I show up more on their Time-Map  than they do mine?

It's normal to see that you are a stronger influence on them or vice versa.  Whoever shows up the most on our Time-Map will usually have the stronger potential or greater influence.

How do I become a master at using the Time-Map System? 

It is simple to become a master at using a Time-Map because - All anyone has to do is understand how a Map works and how a Dictionary works.

     HOW A MAP WORKS - a map (Time or Space) shows us where we are and what to expect if we go in any direction. It does not predict which way we will choose.

     HOW A DICTIONARY WORKS - a dictionary provides a variety of definitions but we always choose only the definitions that are in context and ignore all the ones that aren't. 

                        ALWAYS IGNORE ANY DEFINTION THAT DOES NOT FIT - Never Confuse Yourself - Keep Going! 

For example, if the definition is referring to a male but the person you located is a female, ignore it because someone else with the same birthday or same identity who is male will fit that definition later.  

What if the definition does not pop up on my computer?

Either disable your Pop Up Blocker or Click this button  near the top of your Time-Map.  Then you can switch back and forth to read definitions

Should I read the definitions of all of the cards on my Time-Map?

Yes, you should always read all of the definitions in your present or next time period because this tells you all of the influences that are present in your life.  By doing this you may also see influences you are dealing with that may not involve other people.  You will also experience that some people you have not met yet will show up and fill in the blank areas when you reach that time period. 

          Also, where you are on your Time-Map is determined by who or what your attention is on

What if my Spouse, Lawyer, Business Partner or Doctor share the same birthday?

No problem because the other card in the box is what you will always read.  That card will either be a .  You don't need to remember this but Hearts are Personal/Emotional issues, Clubs are Planning/Legal issues, Diamonds are Money/Business issues and Spades are Health/Major issues.  Whenever you read the definition you will know better than anyone else who the system is referring to. 

Therefore if the other card is a heart then it is your spouse the system is referring to because you don't have romantic issues with your lawyer or least you're not supposed to. Emoji  

Should I read all of the definitions in my time period?

The definitions show what are the influences present in your life. By reading them all makes you aware of how things are changing. As you locate people on your Time-Map the definitions come into greater focus.

Where you are on your Time-Map is always directly proportional to who or what you have your attention on.  This is why we recommend reading all of the definitions in your current time period and the definitions in your next time period.

Always Remember: Just because you see something on any map (time or space) does not mean you will choose to go in that direction.  For example, just because Canada is on a map of the United States does not mean you will go to Canada.   In the same way if you see financial problems on your Time-Map does not mean you will choose to go in the direction off that problem.

Why is the Yearly Summary column different?

The Yearly Summary Column is different and powerful because it is a total overview of 365 days that is broken down into your 7 planetary periods.  Anyone located or identified in your Yearly Summary is likely to play a major role or come into focus for that year in a way described by the definitions associated with that person.  The influences found in the Yearly Summary column apply every day in every time period of that year. 

Is there a sequential order (such as 1st week 2nd week etc.) within any of the vertical columns?

No.  There is no sequence to it because your FREE WILL or your movement is random up and down within every vertical column or every time period based on the directions or people you are choosing.  You can expect to see people or influences on your Time-Map you may choose to ignore.  For example, just because Canada is on a map of the US does not mean you will ever go to Canada.  It is in this same way that you can ignore any thing you want to on your Time-Map. 

The only thing horizontal on a Time-Map are the Dates located at the top of each column showing when the next time period starts.

Does the name of the planetary period matter?

Not really.  Only in more advanced aspects of the Time-Map System occasionally used by Certified Time-Map Consultants or very experienced astrologers. 

Simply stated, Time Periods are named after the Heavens.  For example, we have Saturn-day, Sun-day, and Moon-day during each week.  Mercury is the name of your first 52 day cycles in the same way the Sun-day is the name of your first 24 hour cycle and Venus is the name of your second 52 day cycle in the same way Moon-day is the name of your second 52 day cycle.  

What if the definition is not making any sense for that person?

No problem.  Keep going - Don't get stuck - because the definition is probably referring to someone else with the same identity or referring to someone you have not met yet or someone you may meet in the next few days. 

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