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Good Greetings Everyone:
Many of you know that right here at this website I accurately
predicated  the outcomes of last year's Super Bowl, the "Fight of
the Century" (between Mayweather & Pacquiao) and the craziest
historic election between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton using
our world exclusive Time-Map System.  In each case, the
pertinent Time-Maps were posted at this website revealling the
outcomes with 100% accuracy.
On the election - the Press was wrong - the expert Pundits were
wrong and Polls were wrong...
                                      BUT ONCE AGAIN I WAS RIGHT!

To watch the short video showing how we used
the Time-Map System to see in advance the
outcome of the 2016 Presidential Race
                               CLICK HERE

While looking at Bill and Hillary's Time-Maps to make my
election winner prediction I STUMBLED ACCROSS noticing
that a separation and divorce is coming soon for the
You don't have to take my word for it because I am going to
give you the Time-Map Access Codes for both of them so that
you can see for yourself that it's all in the cards.
The 5-Digit Access Codes and Date of Births for the Clinton's
are as follows:       
            (BTW you're getting this $60 GIFT FOR FREE)
       45696 for Hillary 10-26-47
           45990 for Bill 8-19-46
When you locate Bill on Hillary's Time-Map and vice-versa
you will see that they have divorce pointing at each other -
(Hint - read the Five of Hearts definition as you locate them
on each Time-Map - Bill has it in his Yearly Summary Column
and Hillary has it in her Venus and her Saturn time periods) 
You will also see the dates for these periods.
Since we all know "The Cards Don't Lie" I wish to invite all
Truth Lovers and Truth Seekers to -
             Peace and Blessings
                Reverend Thabiti
     ThePower.com & ThePower.org