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Here are the 2 Easy Instructions covered in detail in the first 2 short videos
1. How to Locate or Identify Anyone
Just enter the birthday (Month / Day) of any person you wish to locate in the box located in the upper right corner of the Time-Map and then click 'GO' - the computer will then use little hands pointing to where they are located on the Time-Map.
2. Which Definition to Read (after you locate them)
Move the pointer of your mouse over to the area where the person is located and the definition will automatically pop up telling you what it means.
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To See Your Birth Card
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       Never Date or Invest Unless You


If you are not looking at the Time-Maps of other people you are robbing yourself of THE POWER available to you!

If you have your Time-Map but don't know how others See You then you're using only half of your Superior Advantage.

There is nothing in the world, No Psychic or Astrologer that can do, match or surpass this exclusive feature of Seeing Yourself from anybody else's point of view (without ever needing to ask).
Always Remember!