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During private consultations you'll receive a PRIVATE LINK so that you see and understand everything about your Time-Map on your own computer screen during the reading.

  • You will get truthful and reliable answers to your most important questions.
  • There's no limit to how many other Time-Maps you can look at within your session.
  • You can view any other Time-Map (date of birth req.) and see yourself from their point of view.
  • You will quickly learn how to do this amazing system for yourself or anyone else.
  • You will see when and how things will improve for you and get a better sense of what is going on concerning you and the most significant people in your life right now.
  • You will get the most accurate reading that's not available anywhere else in the world.

To get a private phone consultation you must do 2 things:

First, you must purchase the amount of time you want.

$90 for 15 minutes - $160 for 30 minutes - $250 for 1 hour - $350 for 90 minutes  

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Second, you must submit your first name, date of birth (month/day/year), phone number and best times to call to set appointment.  (Someone will call you within 1 business day)     

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 How to become a Certified Time-Map Consultant

  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER - All Time-Map users understand and agree that you are using this new system at your own risk. It is believed by the author and thousands of satisfied people that the information the Time-Map provides is helpful, reliable, truthful and accurate. Since anything is possible (such as a mistaken date of birth or mistaken identity of someone located on your Time-Map, misinterpretation or so called "Acts of God" etc.) you assume all responsibility for your success or failure using your Time-Map and hold harmless in every way, and all who are associated with Your Personal Time-Map.

    All Time-Map users also understand and agree that there are no promises or guarantees saying or implying that your Personal Time-Map will remedy all or any circumstances in your life. What we do guarantee is that your Personal Time-Map will provide you with better truthfulness and accuracy on matters pertaining to your life in a way unavailable anywhere else in the world.