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'Learn How to Prosper in a Whole New Way'
Earn Unlimited Income for the rest of your Life!
as a Certified Time-Map Consultant
This Life Changing Course is now available Online with Live Instructor
As a Certified Time-Map Consultant you automatically become an exponent of Truth and Light in service to others for the rest of your life.  You'll start making money immediately while helping people enjoy a Superior Illuminated Advantage over their life's situations and circumstances.
In this 3-Day Online Course you will learn:
How to show anyone when and how things will change in their life - Your clients keep coming back and also get you referrals
How to show anyone their Past - Present - and their directional choices for the Future
To show people how they look from anybody else's point of view
Where to find answers to questions on Love, Family, Legal, Money, Business, Career, Residence and Health
You'll learn a variety of ways to generate business as referrals come automatically from each Personal Time-Mapping Session
How to astonish people with the truthfulness and accuracy of the Time-Map System
How to work by phone or in person using state of the art tools
Start Earning Immediate Income

for the Rest of Your Life!

for Only $5200
Class is limited to 20 students
Course fee includes all Course Materials / Training / Ongoing Support & Oversight / Exclusive Software / VIP Access Accounts
Class Schedule
Starts - Dec 5, 2016 (3 Consecutive Saturdays totalling 9 hours)
Starts -
Jan 7, 2017 (3 Consecutive Saturdays totalling 9 hours)
Starts -
Feb 4, 2016 (3 Consecutive Saturdays totalling 9 hours)
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