90 Second Website Builder
Below are the Access Codes you will need
To Reclaim THE POWER that remains Your Birthright
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
45332 for Age 68
45696 for Age 69
45885 for Age 70
Other Birthdays to Locate - Tim Kaine 2/26 - Mike Pence  6/7
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You may want to write them down
                        Simply follow these 3 Easy Instructions

1. Go to Clinton's Time-Map for Age 69 - Access Code is 45696

2. Enter her opponent's birthday 6/14 and click GO

3. Go to the Yearly Summary Column on far left side
(where you will see little hands pointing at where he is)  read and combine the definitions of the other 2 cards in the same box describing him.

   If they say disappointment he loses, if they say success he wins
Here is the fastest way to see who wins
Time-Map Access Codes For VP's

     40733 for Mike Pence 6-7-59

        41426 Tim Kaine 2-26-58