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The Time-Map System is a simple interactive Birth Chart that surpasses the abilities of ALL Psychics and Astrologers.

You can access your Time-Map here any time using your access code.

A Time-Map is easier to understand than any astrological chart.  It is more reliable than any Psychic. 

Your Time-Map removes the darkness obstructing your way to success.

Your Time-Map gives you back The Power that remains your birthright.
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Living in the Dark is a disadvantage that causes fear and uncertainty making it harder to succeed and enjoy your life.
                Ask Yourself?

Do you know what Time Period you're in right now?

Do you know the Date your next period starts?

Do you check to see what's ahead for you, next week or next month before making plans?

Would you change direction if see you're going the wrong way?

Do you think it's smart to Look Before You Leap?

Do you at least know what your Birth Card is?

There's an entire chapter in this book coming out on December 21st 2017 about our founder by this Best-Selling Author